Play 1 - "The Way it's Supposed to Work"

This scenario shows the proper way that sales associates should respond

to multiple customers and CSC phone calls.

Play 2 - "Field Your Team"

This scenario shows the relationships between the different positions here at Lamps Plus and the best way for them to work together as a team.

Play 3 - "Sales 1 Lost and Never Found"

This scenario shows what can happen when a Sales 1 takes a wrong turn and begins looking for stock and abandoning their position.

Play 4 - "Sales 2 Has No Clue"

This scenario shows what can happen when a Sales 2 misses an opportunity to greet a customer and the manager has to leave his post.

Play 5 - "Unsupervised Support Supervisor"

This scenario shows what can happen when the Support Supervisor doesn't take the CSC phone call to free up the Sales 1. Losing a customer.

Play 6 - "Manager's Mess"

This scenario shows what happens when the manager answers the phone and customers are left unattended to wander the store.

Play 7 - "The S1/S2 Relationship"

This scenario shows how the S1s and S2s should work together to make sure we have an S1 in front of every customer we can.

Play 8 - "More Customer Than Sales 1s"

Four or five times a day your store will be over-run with customers. This scenario shows some of the way this situation can be dealt with.

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